meet my mini-me

meet my SuperFantastic, SuperEnergetic, SuperHandsome son SuperBoy: or as he is known to us; Kenneth.

the man himself: Kenneth (aka: SuperBoy)

meet his parents:

i'm his mom; Tanisha.

this is his dad; Mike.

here he is while he was on the inside:

this is most of his face, in 3D. can you see that nose? and those lips?

this is me, hours before he was born (i was actually in labor but didn’t tell anyone). this was taken at about 5 pm. i’d had contractions since 7am. he was born at 2:51 the next morning. so this is somewhere, right in the middle.

and here he is, just under 24-hours later, on the day he was born:

me, Callie and Kenneth; on his birth day.

here he is at one week:

check my man's hair. whhhhooooooooooo!

and here he is four weeks and almost four pounds later:

he was breastfed so he always looked drunk.

“they grow so fast.” here is Kenneth at six months:

so so cute and so so happy with so so much hair.

Callie at five years and Kenneth at ten months, and teething:

best buddies

here he is just after christmas, pacing the hallway.. trying to walk.

getting ready to take those first steps. see those chucks?

here he is at his first birthday party:

my little prince turned one.

and the cupcakes that started it all:

the cupcakes that started my obsession.

and here he is, at chuck e. cheese’s for his second birthday:

birthday no. 2 at chuck e. cheese

Kenneth was a little over two in this photo:

my, what a handsome little man.

he was actually laying on my leg there, but turned his head just perfect when i called his name. this is one of my favorite pictures of all time. .. thus far.

his third birthday was celebrated at the aquarium of the pacific:

stopping to pay was an inconvenience to him.

he wanted to see the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!


he didn’t like any of these:

starfish on the glass were his enemies.

jellyfish in motion were "eeeeww".

sharks are scary. even from the safety of daddy's arms; and behind two-inch thick glass.

he mostly liked to see “fish”, reasonably sized fish:

he was so happy right here. he'd never seen this many fish in one place or in a tank so big. this is just inside the entrance. we could have stayed right here for the whole day.

Kenneth turned four last month:

it's my birthday!

crazy happy.. at the car wash.

so fresh and so clean!

in action! as usual.

Kenneth (SuperBoy) at 4 years, Callie (my SweetHeart) at 7 and AJ (the MadMan) at 2! we were in wrightwood sharing food, laughs and love. good times!

here are some facts about him:

♥ he is my first (and only, so far).

♥ he is extremely handsome (that is NOT just opinion, it is fact. ask anyone who’s seen him).

♥ he is very tall for his age.

♥ he is every bit of an Aries.

♥ he is energetic, happy and helpful — for most of the day, everyday. and that is why i call him SuperBoy

♥ he has seven out of eight food alleriges (milk, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, walnuts and scallops) — equaling:

♣ an extensive history of doctor visits, including several hospital visits.

♣ a virtual history of every side-effect known to man (and children).

♣ several near-death experiences (he’s been in anaphylactic shock three times).

♣ a very expensive alternate diet of corn and rice-based products.

♣ more reasons that i call him SuperBoy (he’s been through a lot, but came through everything with flying colors and a renewed hunger).

♥ he also suffers eczema and requires special soap and lotion.

♥ he is not afraid of the dark, but is afraid of just about anything with more than two legs.

♥ his future’s so bright… i gotta wear shades.

completely unrelated, but outside of the two pictures of me and the picture of his dad, i took them all myself. with cameras or with cell phones. not too bad, eh?

7 thoughts on “meet my mini-me

  1. Love love love this post! sooo cute and yes it goes by so fast! wow I really love how well you put it together and so personal. You know he reminds me of lil Dashaun with all those allergies, and eczema. Wow! we are so right there with you and the same stuff too…but instead of wlanuts it is hazelnuts and tress and grasses…thank GOD we have not used the epi pen. Thank you for sharing.


    • you’re the sweetest! thank you so much for your blog support. i appreciate your views and comments. we also have an epi-pen.. for the both of us, as i am allergic to bees. my poor baby. his dr. calls him hyper-sensitive. i have the airborne allergies and his dad has the seafood.. together we made SuperBoy: allergic to everything. 😀

  2. really very very enjoyable Tanisha, well put together and what a sweetheart! Crazy how many people and specially kids are so affected with all these alergies, something is definitly wrong with the food and the air. Good for him he has such a loving parents, much love to you and your Mini!

    • willy! i love to see your name on my blog, as well as your thoughtful comments. most of the reading say that he will hopefully outgrow the milk, wheat, egg and soy allergies between five and six. the tree nut and scallop allergies are considered to be lifelong.

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