meet me

from annie's monotone photo project, after her creative photoshopping

greetings and salutations!

my name is Tanisha and this is where i blog.

i have recently decided to undertake this useful, exciting and ever inspiring form of communication. i have always enjoyed the tools of writing; including paper, pens, vocabulary, written letters, journaling and text messaging. it wasn’t until recently that i decided to expand. and i am certainly glad that i did.

i used to visit my grandfather in pomona, on my way to go clubbin’ and bar-hoppin’ with friends in los angeles. he once told me:

“i like talking to you”.

aww. what a sweet thing to say, right?

“really? why is that grampa?”

“because i don’t have to say anything at all”

i think this is what he was talking about.  my gramma called it “diarrhea of the mouth” and my uncle called it “the gift of gab”.  occasionally i am questioned as to whether or not i have the ability to “shut up”, “be quiet” or “just not talk?” ummm, NO!

i have been blessed with phenomenal family and friends. they show me and remind me everyday how precious life is and how much they care for me. i wouldn’t be the person i am today without them and their undying support. they have helped me in every way possible and i will thank them, relentlessly, until i take my last breath.  it is because of them that i have anything to share. it is because of them that i have the ability to share. and it is because of them, that i choose to sweeten everything i come across.

here are some facts about me:

♥ i am a certifiable city girl, born and raised in southern california.
♥ i’m a grandma’s girl, a mother’s sister, a sister’s mother and a brother’s best friend (you’ll have to ask me).
♥ i am mother of one SuperFantastic son.
♥ i am occasionally opinionated, often verbal about it and usually potty mouthed (sometimes all at the same time).
♥ i love to bake.
♥ i am slave to a wicked sweet tooth.
♥ i am a “neat freak” on a pseudo-Monk level.
♥ i used to dream in black and white.

here is some fiction:

♥ i DO have super powers! but, i refuse to show you until i get my cape out of the cleaners.
♥ i have a ninja dressed super chicken by the name of SQuaWK-zilla living in kansas on jellybean madison’s farm. she resides next to a cow, affectionately known as jose… with bangs, and a sombrero.  she will, WILL, peck your eyes out if you cross her.  or make her cross the street. bahahahaha!


always laughing..

21 thoughts on “meet me

  1. I m the gentleman who complimented your friend about her dreadlock last night at wet Willie ‘s.Can t stop reading your Blog 🙂

    • well, samuel… i’m glad that you were able to find time to read it and that you’re enjoying it. thanks for the comment. it’s my only true way to know what anyone is thinking about my writing. i will be writing about my experiences there in Miami and South Beach as well as the following week on the cruise. please follow along.

  2. I’m nobody of worth mention.
    But that’s understandable. There are millions–scratch that–billions of us out there.
    I used to blog regularly several years ago. And then I stopped. Not sure why.
    Today I decided to remind myself about why I used to love blogging so much.
    So I chanced on your blog.
    Read a little.
    Left this ridiculous comment.
    And now, humbly inspired, I am about to relaunch my blog all over again.

  3. Thank you for following me, as I now follow you. Your cruuisse was off the hook, I really enjoyed your experience. It’s like a book that I will have to read over, very informative and I just might get over my cruise don’t want to go mode. If I don’t I can say that I have an idea of everything except that big ocean. Peace

    • that is fantastic! push that “don’t want to go” aside and go!! please, go. you won’t regret it. i tried to cover every aspect, but there was so much. i am completing the last and final part just now and while i am happy to have it out in the world for others to enjoy, i know that without blogging the experience, most of it would have evaporated already. i am appreciative of your recognition and hope that you will make that venture one day. then you can tell me all about it.

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    • wow. this is new to me. a “pingback”. thank you so much. for being intrigued, stopping by, reading a little and thinking enough of me and my writing to mention us in your blog. what an honor. enjoy the release of writing and the connections made through shared points of view, general like-mindedness and humor. it is a most fulfilling relationship. thank you.

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