fighting for a future

i am a payroll assistant. by way of at least a dozen other jobs — across the board, i am an administrative assistant to the payroll department of a major hospital and it’s affiliates.  i know my way around an office and a variety of telephone systems. would you believe this is NOT where my passion lies? nope. it’s true. i might be good at it, but i hate it.

i have decided to pursue my true passion: writing. who woulda thunk it, right? well, it’s true. i find that i am always writing in my head. always. i people watch and narrate little quips and stories to myself throughout the day and night. and rather than just bore the few of you with them, i’d like to do something bigger and grander! a few people have suggested that i write a book. “about what?” is my standard response, but we’ve all got a story and lord knows i have plenty to share.

nerd: my coursework book, post it notes, post it tabs, sharpened pencils and my beloved Monster.

so, (i know, “get to the point already”) i started back to school to get my bachelor of arts in english and follow the path into creative writing. (yay!) i’m hoping to plan, draft, and write children’s books associated with my son’s food allergies and asthma. (yay!) i don’t have all (or any) of the particulars ironed out yet, but i’ve got my foot in the door.  and since i love to share my every bloomin’ thought with y’all, i figured i would share my course related writings along with their critiques.

after all, the future doesn’t write itself. we are all given the chance to write our own. well, now is the time. it’s time for me to take the pencil, the pen and the keyboard and put them to good use. it’s time to use the gift that keeps me awake at night and show my son that planning, focus and hard work is where his future is at. i am fighting for my future. for the future of my hopes, dreams and wishes. i am fighting for my son… to have any and everything he desires. it’s a battle of epic proportions and i … i am prepared.

each post will be one of my required essays in it’s final form.  there will be alpha-numeric footnotes that contain instructor generated comments and critique. the explanations will follow the original text. i’m open-minded, so don’t be shy… please feel free to give me your feedback.

10 thoughts on “fighting for a future

  1. Wow, that’s exciting! Writing is a powerful tool, having the ability to persuade, encourage, inform, educate through the tool of writing is powerful! I wish you well in your endeavors!

  2. I have a friend you should meet… I told her the same thing about you a few months ago. I shared your blog with her and at that time just by your writing style she knew she would like you! She has written a few books and her mother has written a children’s book, she is determined to start her own publishing company.

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