AsthmaMom and SuperBoy!


I received two calls from my sons school, this day. The first to inform me that “he wasn’t himself”. A clear sign that he is under the weather. The second call came two hours later. Asthma, breathing treatment and 103.8 fever. This is us, waiting for soothing bath water. I think I’m supposed to be his hero….only time will tell. But everyday that he braves his asthma, LIKE A BOSS, he’s my hero. Love my baby boy.

2 thoughts on “AsthmaMom and SuperBoy!

  1. Hello Tenesha, I grew up with asthma, it came out for me about 9 years old and lasted till Jr.High. I still have it but no more attacks and the last one I had I was not doing right, kind of party to much.
    Yes my mom is/was my hero but I had to learn to fight this breathing bug, It is very scary at first and panic sets in. We both did panic, then I started trying to reassure mom that although I was getting sick again I could handle it, so she wouldn’t be so scared.

    No magic words for that mom, as I got older and even today (thank the LORD) I try to protect mom from bad news and she says no matter how I deliver it, whether it’s the calmest delivery, her blood pressure still goes up. I have allergic/spasmodic asthma, my chest would get tight over night. I would go to sleep fine and wake up wheezing.

    Thumping my back as I lay down worked to get flem out, and after attacks, message my back and area where my lung expands really worked. Prednisone got me stronger but little tricks like, steamy bathrooms to cough up flem, sleeping knees down face on pillow and most important, fighting depression because I can’t breathe worked.

    Superboy will grow out of asthma, I did but most important was my mind, when I did not panic I could fight asthma.
    You two are a great team.
    Peace and Blessings be unto you and your son.
    Sincerely, John G. Dewberry

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